Chapters 30, 31, 32

by Myg on September 15, 2010

Holy shit, I really suck at updating this blog. I’m really sorry about that. Let me just reiterate, I update every week (about) at Twitarded and at, so if you are trying to follow this story from here, don’t bother. This is just the permanent home for the pdf files and some other extras I swear I’m going to put here sooner or later. I have tons of music to catch you all up on, I wrote a Mercy Brown one shot recently, and then there will be funny stories, emails, pictures of Little People staged in scenes. But right now I just don’t have time for all that. So sorry.

Here are the latest chapters in pdf form:

Osa Bella Final 30

Osa Bella Final 31

Osa Bella Final 32

Okay then? Happy reading and until next time.

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