Osa Bella: The end

by Myg on October 7, 2010

This is a reposting of my last author’s note at Twitarded from last weekend. The final chapters of Osa Bella were posted from Forks, Washington, and I can’t tell you how awesome that was.


If you do something with all your heart, it will change you. I don’t care what it is. Writing, working, raising kids, reading, falling in love, following a blog, planning a trip, meeting online friends in a faraway place for a weekend for no other reason than the fact that you know it’s going to be awesome, you know it’s going to be an experience you’ll remember the rest of your days—what I’m trying to tell you all is that I’m not the same Myg I was before Twilight, before Osa Bella, before all of you.

So thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the love and enthusiasm you have given Osa Bella and the encouragement you’ve given me. In case you are wondering if it makes an impact, please know that it absofuckinglutely does. I wouldn’t be posting this from Forks if it wasn’t for all of you. And Forks is a long, long way from Jersey, folks.
Osa Bella would be a whimper, a suggestion of what you’ve read if not for the love and attention and dedication of a whole team of people, so please put your hands together, first and foremost for SnarkierThanYou, without whom Osa Bella simply would not exist. STY was my seductress, she has been my muse, my cheerleader, and my mentor. She was the one who got me to read Twilight, she was the first person to ever lay eyes on Osa Bella and she was the one who insisted I share it with the world. I can’t post a single word of this without her approval. I love you, STY. I cannot believe it took Twilight for us to figure out that we had to be much, much closer friends, but I will always be grateful we got here. (And same goes for that little punk, Jenny Jerkface, who lives down the damned street for me and who I never even met until New Moon was in the theaters.)

STY, Jenny Jerkface and Latchkey Wife gave Osa Bella her first true home and her best, most loving, supportive and fun audience right here at Twitarded. Thank you forever and ever, ladies. Mr. Myg and I always say, no matter how many readers we get anywhere, our best readers are right here. I could do little but write for you all the rest of my days and be a very happy Myg.

The sweet VitaminR70 is my location consultant and has read every word of this—multiple times, people! She’s held my hand through many renditions and has been unfailingly enthusiastic every step of the way.

TexasKatherine, well, you all know how awesome she is, but did you know she’s also an amazing beta? I roped her into this half way through and she is Mr. Myg’s tag team pal on the snarky beat-downs in google docs. All done with love, of course, she is relentless in her pursuit of purging the suck out of my early drafts (and there’s plenty of suckage in those words, and not the good kind). I always say if your betas don’t kick your ass, fire them. Thank you so much, TK. I can’t write another word without you. Sorry.

Later in the game, Gkkstitch found herself with a little free time after Lolashoes wrapped This Hungry World and I abducted her into the Osa Bella beta vortex. She has read and re-read and re-read again the last several chapters of this story and her contributions have also been ass kicking in the best of ways. Thanks for jumping into the game and helping to bring this ship into port, bb.

At the very end of re-writing this, I had a bit of a melt down and really needed a fresh pair of eyes. I slipped a rough draft of the last four chapters to Lolashoes for some hand holding and she was kind enough to read and give virtual cuddles and hugs and tell me it was all going to be okay. Thank you so much, Lo. Some of you may have noticed that Osa Bella has picked up a few more readers since we started out here at Twitarded. Lolashoes is largely responsible for that with her twitter endorsements and RTs and the interview she did with me for Peas and Carrots. She’s probably the sweetest person I’ve never met and I may have been inspired to write some femme slash in her honor, no wait, that actually happened.

You know I can’t wrap this without a proper shout out to Mr. Myg, who right now is back in New Jersey, single-parenting my 20 month old twin boys so I could  get my crazy ass on a plane to Seattle and hook up with a bunch of you out here in the promised land. What the hell kind of husband would do that? An incredibly generous, supportive, and insane one. Well, Mr. Myg is pretty much the antithesis of insane, but he knows what’s important and when this trip came up, and he said, “Myg, you have to go.”

You also know how hard he’s kicked my ass in the editing department, or rather you may not since you’re not allowed to read any Osa Bella that hasn’t been through the Mr. Myg filter. The man knows how to write, folks. If you think Osa Bella is at all well-written, thank him because he made it so. And for those of you who love Osa Bella’s Edward? All I can say is, he takes lessons in awesomeness from Mr. Myg.

Now, please grab your sniffs because I need to make a special dedication.

Those of you who were around these parts for Fandom Gives Back already know that I lost my kid sister this year to cancer. What you may not realize is that Osa Bella is what I did to cope with my grief. I started writing it in the final stages of her illness and became obsessed with it after she died. I guess I was trying to escape the pain, find some respite, which I got plenty of right here reading Twitarded every day. What I began to realize was that Bella’s struggle in Osa Bella was my way of coming to terms, yet again, with the fuckawful certainty of death and the pain of loss and figuring out how you just fucking go on and live and find joy in your life after that. I did figure it out, again, and I have to tell you, you all were a very big part of that path for me.

Anyway, I’d like to specially dedicate Osa Bella to Amanda, my kid sister. Kid, I don’t know where you are or if you can hear me, but if so, please do NOT, for the love of God, let Dad find out about some of the shit that goes on in Chapters 21, 24, 25, 26—anyway, you get the idea. Your baby B told me she’s going as Bella for Halloween this year and I have to dress the Myglets as vampires. Mr. Myg gave the big eye roll over that, but you know he can never say no to B. Since she’s never even seen the movie (I promise to show it to her when she’s older), I am just going to assume that’s your way of telling me you’re still here and you’ve got my back. I want you to know I’m still here and I’ve got yours, too. And I’ll damn well make sure B has just the right accessories, all the way from Ffffffooooorrrrrkkkkssss, to make her the best 8 year old Bella ever.

Now, grab the sniffs, clean your shit up. We’ve got a story to finish.

When we last left our badass bear hero Bella and her now second ex-fiance, the dreamy sailor Edward, they’d learned that some dreadful tragedy worthy of a National Geographic cover had gone down in the wake of Bella’s great escape from the beach at La Push. The bears had swam out to follow her, and they couldn’t be turned back. They were drowning out there (and shit, when I went to La Push on Thursday and stared out at the ocean? I could see the heads of black bears struggling in the water and I nearly doubled over—no lie. It sucks, sometimes, to have an overactive imagination). Anyway, Bella and Edward made the very difficult choice to turn Reckoner around and go back. Last I heard, Jake asked Bella to marry him to keep her from being dragged off to Canada by the bears, which I personally think was totally kickass of him under the circumstances, and Bella accepted, but only because Edward asked her to. See, Edward knows Jake will keep her safe, and this he needs more than he needs anything else. Word has it Edward found his way to Jake’s house and was waiting to see Bella one last time.

I wonder how that’s going to go down.

So, this is it, guys. Well, okay, we’ve got a couple of outtakes to discuss and I think there’s an epi brewing too. But this is the real end. The place it was all headed. The answers to all the questions. They’re here.

Let’s do this thing.

Forks, WA
October 2, 2010


And, here are the final pdfs of Osa Bella:

Osa Bella Final 33

Osa Bella Final 34

Osa Bella Final 35-36


There’s an epilogue coming, and we have a few outtake ideas to discuss for Fandom Gives Back.  Stay tuned!

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1 Nikki Haw October 13, 2010 at 8:56 am

Nikki Haw said…
Just so you know you are being read all the way in South Africa. I discovered Osa Bella via some random internet search and through Osa Bella I discovered Twitarded! I’m SO glad! I got my sister (who doesn’t read, except apparently for Twilight) to read Osa Bella and she was also hooked.

So while travelling through Swaziland last week, I kept checking Twitarded via my phone to see if the last chapters had been posted yet (and to see how the ‘ladies’ were doing in Forks). Stayed up to read the final chapters in a Beehive hut in Swaziland off my phone, a surreal experience which I won’t soon forget. I then quickly texted my sister that it was ok she could go ahead and read the ending. She just didn’t see how everything would turn out alright. She was ‘awed’.. I think its the first time she’s used the word!

Thank you for a great story and the Haw (yes thats our surname) Sisters are eagerly awaiting more from Myg!

2 Micaela November 1, 2010 at 3:25 pm

Hello,my names is Micaela i´am love is Twilight.by

3 shipstress November 29, 2010 at 11:23 pm

Hey Myg-
I just finished re-reading Osa Bella and it’s even better the 2nd time! Funny, I’ve had the story in my head and have heard “There There” on the radio twice in as many days…
Just wanted to say how much I love your Bella and Edward. I would SO rather hang with them than the canon couple!
Keep us posted on your future writing endeavors on Twitarded!

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