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by Myg on December 20, 2010

To my dear Team Osa Bella members, thank you tons for being so patient with me on this outtake. I really hope you all enjoy it. For those of you here who have no idea what this is, let me back up.

Back in the summer, I said I would write an outtake of Osa Bella in Edward’s point of view and send it to anyone who would donate any amount to Alex’s Lemonade Stand, a charity that raises funds for children’s cancer research (full details here). More than 140 of you signed on with us and we raised over $3200 for this incredibly important charity. Anyway, if you are new to Osa Bella and wish you could get a copy of this outtake, just donate any amount, write “Team Osa Bella” in the comment form, email me the receipt and I will send it to you. (And honestly–any amount is okay. I know we’re all broke and it’s the power of the group that counts, know what I mean?)

I wanted to share some of the notes you all left in the comment form, because they were awesome, as you are, and reading them gets my heart pumping in a really good way.

Thank you all again for your support of this cause.



What you said:

Helping this cause…priceless.

Myg, again, I’m so sorry about your step-sister. I lost my “soul sister” last year to cancer. Let’s fight it, I’m giving as much as I can. Peace, love, twilight
If you need more $ when the time comes, let me know and I will see what I can do! Go Team Osa Bella!!!

eff cancer.

Fuck you, cancer.

Count me in!

Love you guys!

Go Team Tampon!

thank you for the opportunity to help….

I would give more but I’m also in about 5 other teams! Thanks for doing this Myg xx

Thank you Myg, for sharing your very personal story with us!

FUCK Cancer.

love this idea

I wish I could afford to do more for such a worthy cause.

I just lost my beloved 59 yr-old sister to lung cancer.  I know exactly how it feels.

I <3 Myg!

sorry it’s not more, wish you the best though xx

yay!! edward pov! can’t wait!

Our team is dynamite, you don’t mess with dynamite (clap, clap, clap) Your team is dynamite, uh too bad your fuse don’t light! (clap, clap, clap)

Go Team OB!

Cancer, you better hope we never meet because I got a swift kick in the balls with your name on it.

We’re here for you Myg :)

I’m doin’ it for the Kermode!!!

thanks, MYG

I don’t got much to spare, but I’ll spare it for you bbs!

Cancer – We will kick your ass!

Such a great cause! Hopefully every ‘littl bit’ helps!  I have 2 sweet baby girls & thankfully they are healthy, but have had cancer hit my family before, so I know the devastation.

Thank to Myg.  My heartfelt condolances for the loss of her sister!

You have talent! Lots of Twi-Love to you!

Wish I could give more.  Thanks for letting me be a part of it.

Sorry it can’t be more, but I know every little bit helps. Go kick Cancer’s ass!

Thanks, :)


Your fanfic is amazing, Myg.  I’m so sorry you’ve had such a personal connection with cancer.  I would love to help Team Osa Bella win.

Sorry, I know it’s much and I wish I could give more, but I hope that every dollar counts.


So excited about this – sorry I can only pledge $20, but I love this story and love supporting FGB.

Cancer can piss right off.

It’s all we can handle…But I am so honored to be a part of this cause, and THIS TEAM!

Fuck off, cancer!

I know it’s not much but it’s all I can do. Every little bit helps right! Lurve you guys Osa Bella Rocks!

Let’s kick some cancer ass…

Gooooo Team Osa Bella!

I love what Team Osa Bella is doing-And I can’t wait to meet the fabulous members of the team in Forks :)

Go Myg!

In memory of your step-sister

Wish I could give more!!

Wish I could give more, but I am tapped out with other auctions.  I just read this awesome story today and wish I had read it earlier.

Great story – thanks!

Team Osa Bella for the Win!!!

No shit! Whatever comes, I want you people in my corner.

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1 madison March 7, 2011 at 6:00 pm

Screw cancer, he can kiss my ass.

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