Fandom Gives Back – Breaking Dawn 1 Edition

by Myg on November 22, 2011

Hey kids,

Belatedly, I’m throwing an Osa Bella outtake in as an offering for Fandom Gives Back.

I apologize for the confusion, the change of plans and I feel the need to explain. See, originally I was going to contribute something for the FGB compilation (now featuring stories by over 80 authors, woo hoo!) but then decided to write an original story and contribute that instead. Late last week I realized there was no way I would have that story finished in time to contribute it to the Fandom Gives Back compilation because it turned into a novel. So I bowed out of the whole thing, and was a mess about it the rest of the weekend.

Well, today I learned that we’re still not at the $15,000 goal set by Nina for FGB, and I have said FUCK IT, I’m in. I AM IN. With an Osa Bella story.

I want to live in a world where we can cure cancer, every time. But if we wait for our governments and the medical/pharmaceutical industry to give us a cure, we may never have one. So we’ve got to do whatever the hell we can ourselves, and giving money to Alex’s Lemonade Stand is one very worthwhile thing we can all do to fight back.

So for all our loved ones and friends out there who are battling cancer, who have seen a child suffer or lost a child or a parent or a sister or a brother or a spouse or a friend or anyone at all, we fight with all we’ve got. For some of us, that means we’re armed with sparkles and lemons. So be it.

How do you get in on this? Like old times, you’ll make a donation to Alex’s Lemonade Stand. Then email your receipt to me at mygdala @ gmail, and you’ll get the outtake as soon as it’s finished. That’s it! Easy, right? But don’t forget to email it to RECEIPTS@THEFANDOMGIVESBACK.COM too, so you can get the big ass comp! You get BOTH for one donation of at least $5. How awesome is that? VERY AWESOME.

Now, about the Osa Bella outtake.

Over the summer I began writing the beginning of Reckoner, which is the companion fic to Osa Bella in Edward’s point of view. I honestly don’t think I will ever finish it, because I’m really trying to write some original fiction now. But what you’ll be getting in this outtake is the story of Edward and events that happen to him in the months before the Cullens move back to Forks and he meets Bella for the first time. There is very little Bella in this story, and you should know that up front. It’s for mature audiences (or immature ones over 18) and features violence and sex. If you can’t stand to see Edward fuck anyone besides Bella, this won’t be the story for you. But if you’d like to get to know OBward better, well, this shouldn’t disappoint. And hopefully will give you a different, new perspective on OBward as he plays out in Osa Bella.

In any case, I hope you’ll join me on this last trip into Osa Bella world and that together we’ll flip childhood cancer the bird, one more time.

Love and appreciation for all the good you do in the world, fandom.


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1 Meghan November 22, 2011 at 5:45 pm

I’m so glad you posted about FGB! I’ve been MIA from the fandom for the past few months (ok, past year) so it totally escaped my mind that FGB would be rocking on with the recent movie release. I just went and donated, (wish it could be more, but being unemployed, every dollar counts) so thanks for the heads up.

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