Osa Bella is a Twilight fan fiction. It is a novel length story that peruses the question, What if Twilight had been written for adult women instead of teenagers? This is my answer.

Osa Bella will run at the amazingly funny Twilight blog, Twitarded until it’s all done, sometime this summer. All chapters will run on Twitarded first. You can download .pdfs of chapters from there on the day they first post. The following day, chapters will be made available at fanfiction.net. And then I’ll try to get the post up here that includes all the various links to files and posts as well as my playlist selections.

If you like music, I really hope you’ll check out the playlist. In fact, if you enjoy reading Osa Bella, you really need to check out the playlist. It includes streaming mp3s of all the songs this story was written to, and this story just simply wouldn’t exist without the music. The music prompted most of the key scenes here.

The artwork on the blog header here, and on every post at Twitarded is original artwork created for Osa Bella by my very talented friend, Mr. K. By the way, Mr. K’s wife is Team Jacob.

The name Osa Bella means “Beautiful Bear” and it was ripped off from my old friends’ band, Osa Bella. They are a fantastic little band that rarely ever plays, given one member lives on another continent. Check them out on myspace and show love. Or Last.FM.

My husband, Mr. Myg, is my superbeta, and if this is at all readable, it’s largely thanks to his superior editorial skills. Sadly the occasional typo still makes it through to the published documents since we don’t have a staff copy editor here. I’ll be trying to find and fix those as we go along though. Thanks for understanding.

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