Chapters 27, 28 & 29

August 25, 2010

Welcome! Here are pdfs for chapters 27-29. Chapter 27, “Bella of Forks” Osa Bella Final 27 Chapter 28, “Graduation” Osa Bella Final 28 Chapter 29, “Anyone’s Ghost” Osa Bella Final 29 Hope you enjoy. For more regular updates of Osa Bella, please check out either (see tab above) or Twitarded. Osa Bella posts regularly [...]

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Chapter 26, “Cullen Cove”

August 9, 2010

Hey and welcome back, Osa Bella readers! First and foremost, enjoy your .pdf of Chapter 26: Osa Bella Final 26 ~Update!~ Here’s a really REALLY nice precious in an unbuttoned tux shot, sent to me by an Osa Bella reader who’s kinda shy. I had to share. If you haven’t read Chapter 26 yet, well, [...]

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Whoa! What? Chapters 24 & 25 and a commentary

August 1, 2010

Holy shit I suck at updating the pdfs here. I hope you guys all know you can get the .pdfs by going to Twitarded. Also that you can read this at Anyway, here are the next two pdfs: I highly recommend you go read the post for Chapter 24 over at Twitarded here, because [...]

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Chapter 23, “Encounter with a Wolf” and Chapter 24, “Pursuit” Teaser

July 20, 2010

Hell, I never do this, and yes, I do realize I need to post Chapter 23 here. So here it is: Osa Bella Final 23 Sorry for being so damned slack here. I hope you’re remembering you can get these chapters earlier at Twitarded and Right? They post first at Twitarded (Wednesdays now, hopefully [...]

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Chapters 19, 20, 21, and 22

July 8, 2010

Thank you all, TONS for all the participation on Team Osa Bella. We raised over $33o0 dollars for the Fandom Gives Back Eclipse fundraiser, all of which is going to fight children’s cancer via research funded through Alex’s Lemonade Stand. The most amazing thing? FGB raised over $135,000 in just one week for this charity. [...]

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Chapter 17 “Mistakes” & 18 “Rebound”

June 24, 2010

Hi there, Um, it’s been a little nuts around here lately. Sorry! Hopefully, if you’re following Osa Bella, you were able to read Chapter 17 at either Twitarded or Chapter 18 posted at Twitarded yesterday, and just posted at tonight. In any case, if you were waiting for me to post here, sorry [...]

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Chapter 16 – Bipolar

June 17, 2010

Hi there! The .pdf for Chapter 16 is here: Osa Bella Final 16 Not much else to say at this time, other than I hope you enjoy it. I have been having my ass handed to me this week with work, so I don’t have playlist picks ready to post. I’ll have to play catch [...]

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Chapters 13, 14 & 15

June 13, 2010

And we’ve got three chapters up and running for you this weekend, as follows: Chapter 13 – Do’s, wherein Edward’s prediction of Derek Banner’s marriage proposal comes true. Will she? Won’t she? Chapter 14 – Flightless Bird, senior year can’t very well happen without senior prom, can it? Oh, the suspense! The drama! And Edward [...]

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Chapter 12 – Don’ts

June 10, 2010

As of Chapter 12, Edward Cullen has been christened Sailward by @Mama_Cougar. I think it’s really the right nic. I think he’d approve. In fact, I’ll ask him at our next cast meeting. Not that he has any choice, but you know, it’s good to keep the talent thinking they have some input. In other [...]

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Chapter 10 “Jack of Wands” and Chapter 11 “Future Tense”

June 5, 2010

Hey folks – here is the latest .pdf of Osa Bella Chapters 10-11: Osa Bella Final 10-11. You can read it online and leave comments over at Twitarded, or here. But please leave comments if you are so inclined because they seriously make my day. And just because you asked, here is a pdf of [...]

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